Life at La Verne

Life at La Verne


Hometown: Burbank, CA
Class Year: 2020
Major: Kinesiology
Minor: Business Administration
Campus Involvement

Events coordinator for Black Student Union and student ambassador for Office of Admissions.

Home Away From Home

My bedroom in the residence hall. It’s where I am most comfortable and I am surrounded by pictures and letters from my friends and family.

Lessons Learned

One of my favorite lessons was in my microbiology class when I learned about the impact of infectious diseases on the human body.

Good Eats

The Spot Dining Hall has French toast for breakfast on Mondays, chicken tacos for lunch on Tuesdays, and tilapia for dinner on Fridays. Off campus, I like to go to Garlic Crab, a seafood restaurant in nearby West Covina.

Work Hard

I work 15 hours a week in the Office of Admission as a student ambassador. I give tours and answer questions for future students.

Study Spot

I like to study in my room, the tables outside of Barbara’s Place, or in the library group study room with friends.

Residence Life

I love living in the halls. I’m surrounded by my friends, but I also have my private space. I am close to everything on campus including the dining hall, my classes, and all the nighttime events. The resident assistants and other residents are very chill and respectful of each other’s time, space, lives, and, most importantly, sleep.

What do you do if you are feeling homesick?

I have the benefit of still being close to home, so if I am homesick I will take that hour trip back home for the weekend. For those who cannot go home so easily, I would suggest hanging out with friends and hanging out off campus, just to get a change of scenery.

How often do you interact with faculty outside of class?

I often interact with faculty and staff outside of class through email.

How did you learn to budget your money?

Still learning, LOL! I’m definitely gaining experience with money and time management through trial and error. I suggest using the meal plan to eat at The Spot as often as possible, keep full and keep your money in your account.

What is the best way to make new friends at University of La Verne?

GET INVOLVED! Whether it’s joining a club or sorority, working on campus or just going to the events put on by Campus Activities Board (CAB) or clubs and organizations.