Life at La Verne

Life at La Verne

Ju Young

Hometown: Singapore
Class Year: 2021
Major: Business Administration
Campus Involvement

Presidential Ambassador and member of the International Student Organization (ISO).

Home Away From Home

As my home is Singapore, I find the modern and digital design of the Abraham Campus Center most like home.

Lessons Learned

Professor Frank Fialho taught me that emotional engagement is crucial in marketing. One important life lesson I learned, especially as a business major, is that when approaching a stranger or a potential customer, eye contact with a smile is crucial to sell not your product, but your emotions.

Good Eats

On campus, I like the Philly cheesesteak at Barbara’s Place—their grilled onions and peppers go great with the nicely shredded beef. Some of my favorite places to eat off campus include Wingstop, In-N-Out, and the Korean restaurant Spooners.

Study Spot

I like to study on the second floor of Wilson Library. It’s not too loud and not too quiet for my studying preferences. The higher up you go in the library, the quieter it gets and the lower you go the louder it gets.

Residence Life

As a resident at Vista La Verne, I find all the amenities very helpful and I think I have matured from the amount of responsibility placed on me.

What do you do if you are feeling homesick?

Typically when I feel homesick, I like to call or text my family members. They always have some sort of joke to crack me up and I find much comfort from their support.

Money Matters

My father taught me a very organized method for making sure I stay on my budget: I applied for three debit cards allocated for my main uses of food, shopping, and gas.

How often do you interact with faculty outside of class?

As an international student, I was surprised by how welcoming and warm all faculty members were. I understand that it’s a private university, but nevertheless, everyone is treated equally and given a great education.

What is the best way to make new friends at University of La Verne?

It will sound cliché, but honestly the more clubs and campus activities you sign up for, the more friends you’ll make quickly. University of La Verne understands that socialization is key, especially as a freshman, so they always have a bunch of opportunities available for you to reach out and make new friends.