Life at La Verne

Life at La Verne


Hometown: Corona, CA
Class Year: 2020
Major: Kinesiology
Campus Involvement

Sigma Alpha Epsilon and Orientation Week Leader.

Home Away From Home

Abraham Campus Center and my friends’ dorm rooms.

Lessons Learned

My favorite class so far has been Human Anatomy with Professor Patricia Caldani. I learned about all of the parts of the body, and although there are separate systems, they all work together to make the body function. It was challenging because it was a lot of information to take in, but it solidified my dream to become a physical therapist.

Good Eats

I love the breakfast at Barbara’s Place—tater tots and eggs! I also like In-N-Out and Shogun, which are about a 5-minute drive off campus, and House of Wings, which is just up the street.

Work Hard

I work at the Information and Services Desk in the Abraham Campus Center and as a teaching assistant in the Biology Department.

Study Spot

The little private cubicles in the library.

How often do you interact with faculty outside of class?

Pretty often! It is important to get to know professors and supervisors because they could possibly help me in my future career field with connections and getting to where I want to be in life.

How did you learn to budget your money?

I used to work in the entertainment department at the Disneyland Resort. From this job, I learned how to budget my time for a one-hour commute and my money for gas, food, etc. In addition to working there, I was taking 16 units during the academic semester. Balancing both taught me quickly how important it is to budget money, prep meals when possible, and always keep myself organized.

Commuter Life

In between classes, I’m studying, napping, eating, or working depending on what my schedule is for the day.