Life at La Verne

Life at La Verne


Hometown: Alhambra, CA
Class Year: Class of 2019
Major: Business Administration, Concentration in Marketing
Campus Involvement

Delta Sigma Pi (co-ed business fraternity) and Campus Activities Board (CAB)

Home Away From Home

The Office of Student Life (OSL). I was a part of OSL through CAB (Campus Activities Board) for two years, so a lot of my friends and mentors are in that office! I love seeing the Chief Student Affairs Officer Loretta Rahmani because she always brings a smile to my face.

Lessons Learned

Adam Wong, the director of Student Life, taught me about the Johari Window in Landis Leadership Theory Class. It’s a method to gather information on how perceptions work, and tells you whether the way you see yourself is the same or different from how others see you. It’s a cool tool to gauge where you stand with other people, identify your strengths, and areas to improve on.

Good Eats

I’m a sucker for breakfast items. My favorite would be a breakfast quesadilla with egg whites at Barbara’s Place. Off campus, I like House of Wings, Aoki, and Lordsburg Taphouse & Grill in Downtown La Verne. Also, Pokedot in Claremont and Show Sushi in San Dimas.

Work Hard

I work as a digital marketing intern at STAAR Surgical in Monrovia.

Study Spot

The library—with friends. We have little single cubbies for privacy and that helps me to focus, and my friends help make sure I’m on task! I also love going to coffee shops since the vibes help set the mood to be productive.

How did you learn to budget your money?

I try to pack lunches and snacks as much as possible, but sometimes you just have to go out and live a little! Many restaurants have lunch specials in Downtown La Verne, so those tend to be my go-to.

Commuter Life

In between classes, I either study to get ahead on homework or hang out with friends who also have the same time gap as me. We go out for food sometimes too!

How often do you interact with faculty outside of class?

Almost weekly. I see a lot of my mentors and advisors in the Office of Student Life as well as passing by in between classes. We often chat since there’s always so much going on!